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We produce an accurate and detailed document itemizing the content and condition of the property regardless of size and level of furnishing.

Every property is given the same precise, meticulous and consistent attention to detail including, for example, condition of walls, carpets, light fittings, general levels of cleanliness etc


Our clerk will attend the Check In appointment with 3 copies of the prepared inventory.  The clerk will meet the tenant at the property and together they will confirm the accuracy of the inventory.  All relevant meter readings will then be taken and itemized on the inventory along with the keys to be issued by our clerk.

Once the documentation has fully completed the tenant will, on two copies, initial every page and then fully sign, print and date the concluding page.

At this point the keys, as itemized, will be issued to the tenant by the clerk along with their copy of the inventory.  The two signed copies will then be forwarded to the agent/landlord.


Our clerk will attend the Check Out appointment with a copy of the original inventory.  Where possible we encourage the tenant to be present for this appointment.  The property is re-inspected and any discrepancies or variations to the inventory taking into account fair wear and tear will be noted, for example cleaning deficiencies, damage/breakage, missing or additional items, excessive wear, condition of gardens etc.

All concerns noted will be discussed with the tenant and transferred onto the Check Out Report.  The conclusion of the Check Out procedure will be the reading of the meters in the presence of the tenant, the handover of all keys to the inventory clerk and the completion of the Check Out Report which will require the tenants forwarding address and signature.

We will then provide a document outlining the findings of the Check Out.  This will include clear advice as to levels of responsibility and action required as well as the signed Check Out Report.


Where we have been commissioned for an inventory make, tenant check in and tenant check out of a property, we will produce brand new inventories for that property.